Lineage is the the direct transfer of sacred information and is the foundation of the mystery school tradition. For thousands of years knowledge and tools have been “handed down” from teacher to student. This information is unbroken, to ensure it’s integrity, authority and power.

Life Activation enables you to access your potential in life by giving you insight on what’s hidden and connecting to your will. This session lays a foundation for your energetic structure. Increase clarity, insights and ability to release old patterns with more grace.

Full Spirit Activation involves awakening the Thalamus region, or “the old brain,” as well as the Pituitary and Pineal glands. This increases the soul’s awareness to the physical experience, which brings you back to a state of harmony with intuition.

Negative Energy Removal will support you in clearing away the interference of negative thoughts, and projections, dependency, attachments and more. This session leaves you feeling refreshed and centered in your own energy.

Ensof, which means No Thing or All Things, is the purest form of Reiki from Japan. This is not widely shared and very potent. This session helps to release the fragmentation and separation within.

Spark of Life is a remote healing that helps to awaken and ground your spiritual nature. This session will support in uniting  your physical self and spiritual self. This treatment is ideal if you live at a distance or traveling.

Essential Oil Anonting uses the power of blessed oils and energetic healing to open up channels in your body. Balance your four elements and optimize your energy and health through detoxification of your mind and body.