You’ve tried different things, but nothing seems to stick. I’m here to jump in and share tools that actually work.

Welcome Home, I’m Emily Leahy.

I’m on a mission to empower men and women who were born to lead develop greater self-mastery through an ancient pathway, known as a mystery school.

I’m highly trained in this tradition and specialize in tools that have been passed down for thousands of years and used by many great leaders that have left their mark. 

I live for the process of transformation and have served hundreds of people 1:1.

These tools I offer are designed to help you release limitations, awaken hidden potential and anchor meaningful success. Translation: share your passion with the world, all while creating healthier boundaries and living the royal life you deserve.


I chose to reconfigure my life starting in 2004 after suppressed emotions and the need for constant control led me down a road to complete self-destruction. I began with conventional methods, but dissecting old stories in therapy didn’t help break the cycle – only reinforced it.

In 2006 I found yoga which opened me up to a whole new world of alternative healing. I was dabbling in different tools, but something felt incomplete. I craved having full access to my spirit, while feeling grounded in my human body.


Skip a few years, in 2011 I left my position as an elementary school teacher. I began embarking on my new adventure as a serial entrepreneur. I was going to try to be everything and do anything. I was stressed out and dizzy chasing my own tail.

That Summer I met a guide in this mystery school lineage who opened new doors for me. I had found what I was looking for, a way to function and create on a higher level. Utilizing these ancient lineage-based energy tools I awakened strong and tender parts of myself that I could explore and integrate in a balanced way. My life began to shift from scattered to sacred.


Here I am in 2017, living in San Francisco, CA and my world looks very different inside and out. I have built a deeper connection with myself, which has given me the courage to let go of what was draining me. By knowing my true worth and investing in what’s most important I can do less and hold more. I have come to find making an impact does not have to equal being tired, overwhelmed, compromised and depleted. I have the support and bandwidth to listen to that soft voice that navigates me each step of the way. I’ve never felt this level of confidence, clarity, protection and inspiration on a consistent basis. I know this is possible for you too.

Redesign your inner world to have more connection and peace.

Let it ripple out to the masses.